10933859_1009752722371882_5639923117744013223_nAir Filter

Your vehicles air filter is an essential part on keeping you car happy. Providing adequate air flow to the engine helps the engine breathe better and in turn helps raise you MPG. A dirty filter restricts the air flow and can lower your MPG and in some cases also damage and strain your engine.

With our extreme weather conditions and not to mention dust it is always a good idea to have you filter inspected and changed when needed.

Our air filters start at $10.99 and can be changed with any other service or by itself.

Cabin Filter

The cabin filter cleans the air that comes into the interior of your vehicle through ventilation system. It traps¬†dust, pollen and other airborne materials that can make allergies or other respiratory problems flair up when your riding in the car. By replacing the cabin filter you help keep the A/C and heater operating at it’s best and have peace of mind knowing you can breathe easier.